Cheap-o-Air Travelers Online Booking Website

Cheapoair Travel Advisory suggests or recommends each and every traveler to check and confirm the latest entry rules in this period of Covid-19. Many countries in the world are not allowing movement of people by restricting entry due to COVID-19.

The latest updated information is available with the website of International Air Transport Association (IATA).

If you are particular to visit a tour place or for an official trip, it is better you visit the U.S.Department of State website, for periodical updates about covid-19 and other information each country wise.

United Kingdom (UK) allows travelers to travel in their country by providing contact details within 48 hours of their travel to the UK. This country also strictly advises the travelers to get self-isolated or remain quarantined for 14 days once they land in UK apart from providing their contact details.

The advantage of booking with is the customer Support is always available to the travelers. The number is displayed on their website to contact the customer support for any queries related to price or ticket confirmation, including cancel, refund or date change or for any related information.

The next best thing about website is that for every 20 minutes, the website will get refreshed. This is a plus point for visitors of the website as they get the latest prices, ticket availability, seat information,luggage check-in.

Once your plan travel schedule is ready, so that in 20 minutes time you can complete the filling of application, and get your ticket with the amount in 20 minutes.

Another feature includes price difference compared to other air search engines or websites.

You can notice the following with Cheapoair whenever you access the website online.

Here 70% cheaper than the average price on this route.

It means the percentage (70%) mentioned here, is based on comparing this flight fare against the average price of all the flights found for your search.

Another advantage with this website online booking is that Price Match Promise.


Price Match Promise assures you to see that if you come across a lower price ( including the taxes and fees) for the same flight itinerary offered and available for booking on a Major OTA competitor’s site within twenty-four (24) hours of booking, Cheapoair will match that lower price by refunding the difference in price.

If you prefer, they will also cancel your booking with them and refund your full amount. This is called Price Match Promise (“PMP”)

Of course the same itinerary and flight has some conditions that should be met to attract the above offer. It means Cheapoair has declared some website names mentioned to match the promise.

Well another advantage with Cheapoair is that you can opt for cancellation of your tickets for a fee within 24 hours of your online booking. The support is available from 8AM to 2AM (ET) for cancellations and refund assistance.

Once you have done online booking of flight tickets for your journey, you have to note the following points:

  1. Fusion Fare ( multi-tickets)

– It combines multiple one-way tickets
– If one of your flights is canceled or changed, it will not automatically alter the other flight
– So one should note that changes to other flight may incur extra charges
How to Book Cheap Air Fares?

We can look into Fusion Fare itinerary offered by Cheapoair.

You can club multiple one-way tickets.

By this you find more convenient time options, since you are booking one-way tickets.

One-way ticket fare is subjected to its own rules and restrictions.

In Fusion Fare once you book ticket online it is non-refundable.

As a traveler you have to ensure that your name and date of birth filled in here should exactly match from your passport or any other government issued photo ID. If you prefer to choose the government issued photo id you should carry it on travel, because if you match the names from the passport, you invariably carry passport.

Also you cannot change the name once you book online the ticket with a name. So keep ready with the names and ages of the individuals who travel.

Once the ticket is confirmed on one individual name, ticket also cannot be transferred to another person.

If you want to prepone the ticket for an earlier date or postpone to a future date from the date of the ticket, airline penalty charges and price difference charges and their processing charges will be levied. This is also on a condition that the availability of the flight at the time of change.

One has to note that service fees/charges levy is only for changes and exchanges. So there is a cushion for waiving the service fees by Cheapoair.

But airline penalties, fees and fare difference will still apply and generally cannot be waived.

As said above when you planning a trip and opted for online booking keep ready with the following information before you:

Email Address: If you mention your regularly used email address which is live, you will get the latest travel deals, any special offers and discount coupons to this email address.

You can use these features for your next trip and save money.

First Name should be as per your passport first name. Also last name should also match passport last name. Normally these two are mandatory while booking air-tickets for a destination online.

Date of birth and gender identification should also match as per your passport. Since you carry passport as identification you can board the flight comfortably.

Apart from the above, you can also choose meals, special services like wheel chair, bassinet for infant, stretcher assistance, etc.

For extra precautionary measures you can also choose to pay extra money for the following:

For trip cancellations and any interruptions, baggage delay, trip delay, some mechanical issues, etc you can pay travel protection fees

You can also pay extra money for seat reservation.

The above features all depends on the requirement and need. You may not go for these choices all the times, but rarely when some exceptional journey to go on.

So one should focus on baggage fees and air ticket for those who travel very frequently.

But when you travel with family, friends, old-age people, blind people, you have to invariably take extra precautions and adding the extra features as mentioned above.