Swimming Pool – Hotel Amenities

Hotel Amenities are viewed by some 65% of leisure travelers and another set of business travelers around 69% search in the web before they conclude their travel plan and destination. This is stated in Google Report ” 2014 Traveler’s Road to Decision”. So, all search engines and travel websites should provide relevant information including amenities, WI-Fi, free parking details to get more bookings through their websites.

During hotel stay, hotel amenities work as extra benefit to visitors, and so online searchers rely on amenities before they take a decision on booking.

Now-a-days hotel amenities are being high-lighted by all the hotel websites including Wi-Fi Network, free or paid parking, Indoor swimming-pool, laundry service, smoke-free zone, pets allowed.

Small hotels have to compete with bigger brands in this era of competitive-market and hence small hotels should present amenities which makes a lot of difference.

Hotel amenities are the little extra things that attracts visitors to book online.

These hotel amenities will be considered by all online searchers to book room.

Free-Parking Vs Night Parking

The most important feature one considers to book hotels is parking.

Visitors planing for holiday travel will mostly enjoy self-drive. The best and important consideration while searching for hotel booking for these holiday travelers is parking. Free parking is the first preferred choice of the customer to book online.
One should also make an inquiry about garage timings. Ensure that alternative parking if garage is closed for local night-drive.


No-body wants to go out that too early morning in a strange place for a breakfast.

In-house restaurant service as hotel amenities feature is more preferable for online searchers who consider booking online if morning breakfast is offered as complimentary.

Fitness Center Hotel Amenities

No one wants to give break to their workouts in their tours and trips also. If the hotel offers a fitness area that is almost an enjoyable consideration for customers and online searchers.

Check-in and Check-out and in-room amenities also does attract more and more customers to book online hotel rooms